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Developmental Editing

We provide an in-depth review of works in progress. If you are looking for inspiration and guidance to get your writing project going, we offer that, too. Here’s what our editing packages include:


  • A tailored plan to meet your writing needs for fiction (novels and short works) and nonfiction (memoir, essays, narrative nonfiction, hybrid and book-length works).

  • Supportive, craft-based feedback including a comprehensive editorial letter and line edits in the draft (using track changes). 

  • Zoom calls to identify goals and develop a plan with deliverables and deadlines and to discuss the editorial feedback and next steps.

Short Works (10 pages or up to 2,500 words)


This editing package, of 10 pages or up to 2,500 words, is ideal for writers seeking feedback on a short work—an essay,  story, chapter (or excerpt), or 2 pieces of flash. We will provide an in-depth review with line edits and a comprehensive feedback letter, followed by a 30-minute Zoom or phone call to discuss. We can also talk about how you can map out a plan for submitting your work for publication.


Fee: $250


Longer Works or Excerpts (20 pages or up to 5,000 words)


This 20-page Package (or up to 5,000 words) is ideal for writers seeking advice on a chapter in a novel or memoir, as well as for a single longer essay or a short work of fiction. We will provide an in-depth review with line edits and a comprehensive feedback letter. After you review all feedback, we will discuss your work in a  Zoom or phone call. At that time we can help you set goals for your next step and subsequent drafts.


Fee: $400


Book-Length Works


For writers who have a book-length project (novel or nonfiction book) in-progress or a draft completed, we provide an estimate of hours; our rate is $95 per hour. Again we provide an in-depth review with line edits and a comprehensive feedback letter followed by ongoing Zoom meet ups or phone calls throughout the process.

We often recommend that writers begin with our 10-page or 20-page edit and work in installments of 20-60 pages at a time from there, but we address each project individually.

            Fee: $95/hour

What kind of writing do we edit?

Andrea A. Firth's editorial focus is creative nonfiction; personal, lyric, and hybrid essays; flash (fiction and nonfiction), memoir and nonfiction books. You can learn more about Andrea's editorial consulting and what writers have to say here.

Janine Noel's editorial focus is on book-length fiction and nonfiction. This includes literary novels, as well as genre fiction. In nonfiction she edits memoir, personal essay/essay collections, and genre nonfiction (ex. self-help & parenting). Short works are always welcome. Learn more about Janine's editing services and what writers have to say here.

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