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We provide an in-depth review of works in progress. If you are looking for inspiration and guidance to get your writing project going, we offer that, too. Here’s what our consulting packages include:


  • A tailored plan to meet your writing needs for fiction (flash, short stories, novellas and novels) and nonfiction (memoir, essays, narrative nonfiction, hybrid and book-length works).

  • One-on-one phone or Zoom calls to discuss your writing, identify goals, and develop a plan with deliverables and deadlines.

  • Supportive feedback, critique, and line edits both written and verbal via Zoom or in person (when possible).

Here in the East Bay, Mount Diablo serves as our backdrop and namesake. Climbing a mountain, like writing, takes practice, skill, and the belief you can do it. Support along the way makes it easier and enjoyable. The view from the top of Mount Diablo—like a finely polished piece of writing—is well worth the journey.


Developmental Editing

The Approach


This editing package, of 10 pages or up to 2,500 words, is ideal for writers seeking feedback on a short work—an essay, a short story, a chapter (or excerpt), or up to 3 pieces of flash. We will provide an in-depth review with line edits and a comprehensive feedback letter. After you review, we will discuss your work in a 30-minute Zoom or phone call. We can also discuss how you can map out a plan for submitting your work for publication.


Fee: $240


The Ascent


This 20-page Package (or up to 5,000 words) is ideal for writers seeking advice on a chapter in a novel or memoir, as well as longer essays or a short stories. We will provide an in-depth review with line edits and a comprehensive feedback letter. After you review, we will discuss your work in a  Zoom or phone call. At that time we can help you set goals for your next step and subsequent drafts.


Fee: $385


The Summit


This full Developmental Editing package is ideal for writers who have a strong sense of their project as a work-in-progress and want ongoing motivation, support, and detailed feedback. We recommend that all writers begin with our 10-page or 20-page edit. After you have a sense of the anticipated length of your project (with room for change), we will work in installments of 20-60 pages at a time at our rate of $85 per hour. You will receive detailed critiques, and we will have an ongoing conversation throughout this process with Zoom calls following each installment.


The Vista


For the writer who has completed an entire draft of a book or collection of essays, this is a tailored reading and developmental review. In a complimentary 20-minute phone or Zoom call, we will determine the scope of the review and set up a manageable work plan. We provide an estimate of hours; our review rate is $85 per hour. We have helped several writers develop and complete books and we are happy to speak with you about your draft.

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